10 Powerful Foods That Help You Sleep


  1. Bananas

Bananas have plenty of potassium and Vitamin B6, which are essential for making melatonin. Blend banana and soy milk to prepare a healthy, relaxing, smoothie.

2. Cherry juice

In a study involving adults with chronic insomnia, consumption of a cup of cherry juice 2 times a day relieved the severity of insomnia.


Various fish like salmon, tuna, halibut, and flounder contain Vitamin B6, which  is necessary for making melatonin. Additionally, they are rich in healthy oils and low in saturated fats, and hence keep your heart healthy.

4. Fortified Cereals

Fortified cereals are much better than supplements and  are rich in vitamin B6 that releases melatonin.

5. Fresh herbs

Various fresh herbs, like cardamon,  sage, and basil calm the body, while others, like black or red pepper, are gentle stimulants.

6. Herbal tea and other beverages

Beverages  also affect sleep circles.  You can sip chamomile tea before sleeping to improve your sleep circles. You can also try warm milk as it is equally effective. However, you should avoid taking caffeine after 2 p.m as it can keep you awake for many hours later.


7. Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is considered a high-glycaemic-index (GI) food, which contributes to a high level of the amino acid tryptophan, an effective sleep-inducer, in the bloodstream.

8. Kale

Kale is rich in folic acid and calcium, both of which promote good sleep. Gently steam your kale or  drizzle some lemon juice on it,  then eat it with red onion, for a powerful salad.


9. Whole Grains

Whole grains like bulgur, barley, and flax have a high magnesium content. You can cook barley or quinoa, or eat whole grain bread with dinner. For a powerful sleep at night, don’t eat anything one hour before bedtime; a quiet digestive track is beneficial for calming the body and mind.

10. Yogurt

Besides strengthening the bones, calcium is associated with healthy sleep patterns. Dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt, are excellent for late-night calcium boosts.

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