CalmLean Review

When men over 30 struggle with accelerating thermogenesis for weight loss, their best bet is a weight loss supplement. CalmLean has been specially made for this group and works, as we will see in this post.

A weight loss product for men that is clinically tested has finally hit the market. This product promises to rid our body of 1.14 pounds every week. When I first heard of CalmLean, I dismissed it as just any other weight loss burner with no real benefits. I decided to take the pills, nevertheless. I didn’t have anything to lose except the stubborn belly fat. During week three, I was pleasantly surprised to see my waist drop an inch. We shall review this amazing product in detail in this post, so keep reading.

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Brief Overview of CalmLean

This is a natural weight loss supplement that suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism. The use of natural, FDA-approved ingredients is the highlight of this product. It is the ultimate fat burner with no side effects. This product, unlike similar products in the market, lacks stimulants and caffeine. You will lose weight without giving up on your morning coffee. PrimeGenix CalmLean stimulates thermogenesis and boosts fat burn. I also liked that it comes in easy-to-swallow capsules. However, it is not a fat burner that works magic, but it assists in weight loss in men when combined with exercise and a proper diet.

calmcleanAll the listed ingredients are natural and come from familiar plants like black pepper and capsicum. All these ingredients are FDA-approved and have undergone thorough clinical trials to develop a safe, functional product. Some notable ingredients are Capsicum annuum, Forskolin, black pepper extract, and chromium. All these are not new ingredients in the weight loss world and have been proven to give results. As it’s apparent, all the ingredients are 100% natural.

When used properly, this product works great. Proper use includes the right dose combined with proper diet and exercise.

How to Take PrimeGenix CalmLean?

The right way to take this product is two capsules per day. Take them in water and jump right into your exercise routine. Ensure you have a proper diet with limited carbs and sugar for every meal. If you continue to indulge in unhealthy eating, you will end up blaming the product while it is all your fault.

Advantages of CalmLean

This product gives men a safe and healthy weight loss supplement without the side effects of stimulants prevalent in most fat burners. The best part is that you can keep taking your coffee with this product, as it does not come with caffeine.

You will notice tremendous weight loss in all the problem areas, like the belly and back. You can finally say goodbye to the stubborn love hurdles. You will wake up refreshed with no fatigue and enjoy a day full of energy. If you have been exercising your head off with dismal results, it is time to incorporate the CalmLean supplements into your routine.

Disadvantages of CalmLean

Its access is limited to its Official website. You still cannot buy it online on other sites like other weight loss supplements. Another disadvantage is that it is not effective for women. Women should look for alternatives as this product is not made for them.

Features of CalmLean

This product has natural ingredients that are all FDA-approved. The key ingredient in this product is the patented ForsLean. This product has won awards for being the best and having the most advanced clinical research and scientific breakthrough. The roots of the Coleus Forskohlii herb are harvested and taken through an extraction process. The extract is enhanced to make a fat burner.

calmclean ingredientsIt contains Capsicum annuum, an extract from famous peppers. This veggie boosts metabolism by 20% in a few minutes after consumption. It also suppresses hunger and shrinks belly fat. When men get above 30 years, weight gain becomes easier than weight loss. These ingredients are combined to target these stubborn areas for men.

CalmLean has another ingredient called Chromium Polynicotiate. This is a super ingredient known for fat-burning and muscle build-up. It is also known to boost energy levels. Finally, this product incorporates Bioperine, a product extracted from black pepper. The results are undoubtedly fast and effective when added to the patented formula. This ingredient works as a thermogenic. This means that it elevates the body temperature and promotes fat burn. This elevation is not similar to a fever, and you will not feel it on the outside. The body has a natural thermogenesis process but deteriorates with age and often requires a boost after 30.

The product comes in a sleek black bottle full of 60 capsules. They are hygienically packed to avoid contamination. The black bottle is labeled with all the benefits of this product and the name of the company, PrimeGenix.

Are there any side effects of the product?

People’s feedback is seen thanks to social platforms available on the internet. You can see what real users think and their experiences. In this case, users are amazed at how effective this weight loss product has no side effects. They feel energized, and all the fatigue is gone by week two without the common jitters and nausea in most weight loss pills.

What are the alternatives?

There are other equally great products in the market that work as effectively as CalmLean. You can also use Phenq, which is another natural weight-loss supplement. This one works for all genders, but it contains caffeine. Ladies can also try out Phen24, which is caffeinated but contains natural ingredients.


  1. buy calmleanCan I buy this product online?

Yes, you can buy CalmLean online on the official website.

  1. Can women take CalmLean?

No, it is specially designed for men and is ineffective for women.


This product is worth every penny. You will wonder why you never found it earlier as you watch all the belly fat disappear without over-exercising and much change in your lifestyle. Doctors have endorsed it, but any person should consult their physician before starting any supplements.

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