What Is The Most Important Thing in Your Life?

If someone asked you about the most important thing in your life, what would you answer? What do you value the most? Is it your car? Or is it your job? Or maybe it is your family? Well, for many of us the most important thing is knowing that all of our nearest and dearest are safe and sound and are not threatened by any kind of danger. And being safe and sound means being healthy. In many languages there is at least one proverb or saying with the following meaning: there is nothing as important and valuable as health. Really, have you ever thought about it?

I’m sure you have if you have fallen ill at least once in your life. And most of us have. But it’s a tricky issue when you come to think of it. When we are ok and no serious illness is bothering us (cold or soar throat is not a serious illness of course) we don’t even care about the health. We are a lot busier with our everyday problems like paying the bills, taking our kids to school, working our heads off in order to get promoted, as well as worrying about such unimportant things like buying a pair of shoes or anything else that we have always dreamed of – from cellphones to houses.

be health

Modern life has changed the humanity greatly. The technological revolution happening in all spheres of life is influencing the pace with which everything is done today. People need more and more of everything; the life gets more and more hectic and we just can’t do anything about it. And the most important thing we tend to forget about again and again is our health and the health of our families and friends. We just don’t have enough time for that, which is a very sad thing. The cliché “how are you” that we use every day is a mere formality, we never mean that we care about how the person is, it has simply become another way of saying hello to people.

What is more, subconsciously we don’t even like to hear anybody complaining about health. Only this fact alone gives you something to think about. We’ve become more egoistic than we’ve ever been before. Having health problems today means having problems, and having problems means that you’re a loser, because you won’t have enough time and strength to catch up with the today’s pace of life. And that’s why talking to a person who’s having such problems means talking to a loser and wasting your precious time. Of course, not everybody is that selfish but this is turning into a general tendency today.

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