How To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree In Small Garden Pot


Avocado is one of the great summer fruits, with lots of health benefits. In order to get the best of these benefits, you need to learn how to grow your own avocado houseplant. Here’s a step-by-step procedure on what to do.

  1. Extract the seed.

First, gently remove the pit from the avocado, ensuring that you don’t cut it. Wash it clean and don’t remove the brown skin, which is the seed cover.

  1. Pierce the seed.

Avocados come in a variety of shapes, so you need to first figure out the “top” and “bottom” ends. The flat end of the seed is the bottom (from where the roots develop) while the somewhat pointier end is the top(from where the sprout grows). You need to put the bottom root end in water to stimulate your pit to sprout, after piercing it with toothpicks

  1. Soak the seed in water.

Rest the bottom half of your  avocado in water, in a way that the toothpicks are firmly wedged in water. It is best to  stick  them in at a slight angle,  so that the better part of the avocado base rests in  water when you set it over a glass.

  1. Let the seed sprout.

After 3-6 weeks, the top of your avocado pit will start to split, with the emergence of a stem sprout. Likewise, the roots will begin to develop at the base. Once the stem reaches a height of 5-6 inches, pinch out the set of leaves at the top. New leaves will sprout in another 2-3 weeks, along with more roots.

  1. Trim the sprout.

When the tail sprout reaches a height of 6-7 inches, trim it in half to promote new growth.

  1. Prepare to plant.

Take a flowerpot of about 8-10 inches in diameter and fill it with enriched potting soil. Create a small depression at the center of the soil, then place your pit. The root-side should face down. Afterwards, water the soil generously to make it thoroughly moist.

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