Jes Extender User Review and Results

jes extender review

I am writing this Jes Extender review because I want to help others who have got issues which I used to have with a smaller than normal penis. My name is Darren Peterson, aged 24 from France (sorry for my English quality) and I used to have a penis of only 4 inches when erect.

Having a small penis was hard and I expect if you are reading this, you will know how i was feeling. I was 21 when I began to wonder whether my penis was smaller than other guys, so I researched online and found that the average penis size is 6-6.5 inches when erect. This was a huge hit to my self esteem and confidence.

Penis Enlargement Research

After realizing that I was a lot smaller than other guys, I decided to research about surgery. Surgery is hugely expensive, especially if you want a surgeon that can guarantee the quality that you want. My research bought me to other potential solutions such as creams, pills and extension devices. Creams were my preferred choice because the extensions looked incredibly scary and the pills, I didn’t know what was in them and I didn’t want it in my body. The creams though on review seemed disappointing with many guys getting no results, so I decided to look at the extensions after all.

Find The Right Extender

jesextender reviewMy research bought me to the Jes Extender. I choose the JesExtender out of all extension devices because:

  • the price was reasonable compared to other devices
  • there are no hidden fees
  • it’s recommended by numerous doctors
  • the Jes Extender company are so confident that their product will give guaranteed results, that they give a 200% money back guarantee. Therefore, they will give you more money back than you paid if it doesn’t work.

How It Work

On delivery, the Jes Extender came in an ordinary box with no description except for a toy. I really like this idea because it means it is very discreet from the postal service as well as family, friends or work colleagues depending on your delivery location. I live with one other guy and I just said it was some protein sachets I ordered. The device itself is very lightweight and well made and when putting it on, it could easily be concealed under your pants. I just had it on when I was in my room and relaxing.

Jes Extender Results

My results were AMAZING, which is why I was excited to write this blog. I grew 1.5 inches more in length with an 0.12 inches increase in girth. I went from 4 inches to 5.5 inches within 3 months and I still continue to use it till this day. It doesn’t hurt when you use it and you only need it on for around one hour per day making it highly convenient and comfortable to use in the evenings. Check out my pictures of my results to see the difference. The only downside is, it has taken three months to date but I much prefer this rather than surgery and it’s much cheaper.


Overall, it has had an amazing change on my life to this point. I am now confident to talk to women and take it to the next level. I am no longer a virgin after hooking up with a girl 2 weeks ago. The Jes Extender has been a huge life changing experience for me which is why I couldn’t wait to share it online with others who have gone through or going through the same hell as I had been. You don’t have to feel unhappy again, use the Jes Extender and get rid of all the negatives that you had about yourself. I really hope this blog helps and I would love to hear from others who it has helped. All the best, Darren. 🙂

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