Best Marine Muscle Products: Alpha, Winger, Sergeant, and Colonel

Packing on muscle is one of the primary goals for most athletes and bodybuilders. However, perpetually bulking can lead to an appearance that actually looks unathletic. No matter how much muscle a person has, the presence of excess weight will always be a detriment for achieving a shredded physique. For this reason, Marine Muscle has done what most supplement companies have not: they have created products which are tailored specifically to the cutting phase.

By producing thermogenic effects in the body and helping maintain lean muscle while cutting, these products are highly effective at burning fat without making one look weak. In fact, the lean physique that people will enjoy with Marine Muscle’s cutting products will produce the strongest, most impressive physique possible.

Marine Muscle offers four unique products to help Americans achieve the body of their dreams. These are: Alpha, Winger, Sergeant, and Colonel.

The Products


Marine Muscle understands that while getting a shredded physique is important, customers do not want to lose muscle while losing fat. For this reason, they have created Alpha, a product designed to help users keep their strength and muscle while losing fat.

It achieves this largely through the production of ATP through phosphocreatine synthesis in the muscles. ATP allows the muscle fibers to contract better, which allows for superior workouts. Training harder and longer is key to shedding excess fat.

In addition, it includes 60mg of tribulus terrestris, an ingredient that has long been used to enhance testosterone production. The combination of these ingredients results in a body which not only easily sheds fat, but also stays strong and muscular.


One of the biggest issues with most supplement companies is that they do not take into account the varied goals of their customers. Marine Muscle, on the other hand, understands that different buyers will have different aspirations. With Winger, the company has created a product perfect for high performance athletes and bodybuilders.

Individuals who are serious about building muscle while staying lean and shredded will love the formula in Winger. It is packed with pregnenolone, a precursor of DHEA, testosterone, and aldosterone. This means that by taking this product, fat will be burned while lean muscle is built. It is also effective at increasing vascularity, a crucial aspect in maintaining a shredded look.


Sergeant is perhaps the best example of the thoughtful, scientific approach that Marine Muscle has taken when creating its products. Most supplements on the market boast general effects geared towards individuals looking for a quick fix. With Marine Muscle, on the other hand, buyers can be certain that they are purchasing a product tailored to their needs.

Sergeant was crafted to address a common and frustrating issue among men who are attempting to build muscle: gynecomastia. This condition, also known as в”man boobs” is the result of swelling and excess fat in the male mammary glands. Sergeant targets the fat in this area, allowing the lean muscle gains a person has earned to actually show.

In addition to burning the fat, Sergeant also includes Fenugreek concentrate. This ingredient is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. These effects will reduce the swelling caused by gynecomastia, leaving behind only the ripped pecs underneath.


Achieving a lean physique is a tall order that frustrates the vast majority of individuals attempting to perfect their bodies. This is because to build muscle, one must take in greater amounts of food. This often results in excess fat building alongside muscle, hiding the results one has worked so hard to achieve. For this reason, Marine Muscle has created Colonel, a product designed to help the body burn fat stores.

Essentially, Colonel works by enhancing the body’s natural thermogenic process. By kicking up the body’s basal metabolic rate, the body is forced to burn off fat cells for energy. Not only does this result in fat loss while muscle is built, it also provides the user with a valuable energy boost to get the most out of each workout.

In addition, Colonel improves blood flow, which in turn allows more oxygen to be delivered to the muscles. With greater oxygen delivery, users can enjoy harder, longer, and more intense workouts than ever before.


Marine Muscle offers a superior selection of products designed specifically for cutting. These products allow the user to shed fat while maintaining or even building muscle, which produces an incredibly lean and ripped physique. Each supplement addresses unique needs, such as treating gynecomastia, boosting the metabolism, and increasing ATP production. Any individual looking to shed fat and look ripped need look no further than Marine Muscle.

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