After Reading This, You Will Never Even Think To Throw Watermelon Seeds Away!

Watermelon is perhaps the world’s most loved fruit, thanks to its sweet and refreshing taste. In fact, it’s the perfect dessert for hot summer days. However, nobody likes the seeds of this fruit and they often end up in the trash.

Watermelon seeds are rich in nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. They’re loaded with B vitamins like niacin, thiamine, and folic acid, as well as minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, and phosphorous.

They’re an excellent addition to a healthy diet and highly effective way to obtain your daily minerals and vitamins.

Heart health

These seeds are effective against high blood pressure and cardiovascular health, thanks to their content of good fats and amino acids.

Kidney stones

Tea from watermelon seeds is a powerful diuretic, which acts as a stimulant that cleanses the bladder and the kidneys.


If you suffer from diabetes, you can boil a handful of watermelon seeds with a cup of water, which you should then drink as tea. This tea will normalize your blood sugar levels.

Male fertility

The high amount of essential acids in the seeds promote male fertility and sexual health. Certain studies have revealed that watermelon contains arginine that stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which promotes sperm production and treats erectile dysfunction.

Healthy hair and nails

The seeds are great for nails and hair, thanks to their abundance in proteins. This can make the nails beautiful and stronger, and thus prevent their breakage. Likewise, they’ll make your hair soft and lustrous.

The recipe for tea:

Crush some watermelon seeds into powder. Add a tablespoon of the powder to a cup of boiling water and leave it for around 15 minutes. Take at least one cup of the tea per day, 3 times a week.


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