Stop Eating Tilapia ASAP! Read About the Disgusting Reasons Why




The shocking revelation that the most consumed fish in the USA, tilapia, is extremely harmful for our health, overwhelmed the population and evidence keep on coming.

The main problem is that this type of fish is farm grown in China, which indicates pesticide presence.

As it is very affordable, bone-free and skinless, many people are used to buying it and enjoying its taste.

Wild tilapia, on the other hand, is very healthy, but it is impossible to find it caught naturally without being farm-bred.

There are numerous reasons why tilapia is not beneficial for the human health. First, all nutritional oils are evaporated when this farmed fish is grown. Unlike wild tilapia, the farm bred kind doesn’t not have the privilege to feed on lake plants and algae, which means that farm grown tilapia is full of GMOs.

The next time you go looking for tilapia make sure to know what threats it provides:

  1. High Dioxin Levels

Toxic and cancerous, dioxins are exceedingly dangerous for your health. Farm-bred tilapia has high dioxin content, up to 11 more than wild tilapia. When dioxins enter the body, they stick for the next 7-11 years before they are released.

  1. Plenty of Pesticides and Antibiotics

Farm-bred fish are subjected to a different kind of nutrition, normally full of pesticides and antibiotics. This makes the fish prone to diseases and infections, which we later consume. Moreover, when sea lice are destroyed, pesticides are used for it. In fact, these pesticides are so dangerous; they could kill a wild salmon instantly if direct contact is made.

  1. Inflammation Risk

Recent research show that farm-bred tilapia can bring plenty of inflammation for humans, and lead to more severe diseases like asthma, heart disease, and arthritis. Shockingly, farmed tilapia is more harmful than hamburger meat and bacon.

  1. Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratio Imbalance

Farm-raised tilapia is really low in protein, when compared to wild tilapia. Also, the onega-3 content is less healthy than in wild tilapia.

Being raised in pools and fed horribly means that farmed tilapia is very rich in omega 6 fatty acids. Overconsumption of omega 6 fatty acids results in inflammations and health problems. Finally, this disrupted balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids leads to overall health risks.

  1. Cancer Triggers

Farmed tilapia is mostly fed with chicken feces, and all other waste usually coming from pigs and ducks. As a result, the odds for developing cancer are 10 times larger than in any other case.

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