The Healthiest Food in the World: It can Lower Cholesterol & Blood Pressure, Prevents Heart Attack & Stroke…

The Healthiest Food in the World: It can Lower Cholesterol & Blood Pressure, Prevents Heart Attack & Stroke…

Dates are considered the world’s healthiest foods, thanks to their vast range of health and nutritional values. In fact, there’s virtually no disease for which dates can’t help.

Dates are a great source of iron

Dates are ideal for anemic patients, and you can get about 0.9 mg of iron from 100 grams of dates. This is roughly 11% of the mineral’s recommended daily intake. Being a component of hemoglobin in red blood cells, iron determines the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity. Pregnant women and children in puberty require the highest amount of iron.

Stops diarrhea

The potassium in dates play a great role in stopping diarrhea. The dates also speed up the recovery of the intestinal flora. Consuming dates on a regular basis makes it easier for the intestines to form good bacteria.

Natural remedy for constipation

Dates are effective in accelerating and easing digestion. Soak some dates in clean water, and leave them overnight to release juices. The juice is an excellent laxative, which stimulates the lazy bowels.

Regulates body weight

With their high nutrients content, dates bring about a feeling of satiety, and promotes weight loss. Consuming dates on a empty stomach regulates the work of the intestine, and your body will get the required sugar. Don’t consume dates in excess, lest you gain weight, since they’ve great amount of cholesterol.

Will minimize your cholesterol level

Dates have the potential to reduce the bad (LDL) cholesterol in the body. Consume a few dates every day to prevent the formation of fatty deposits in your arteries that result in blood clots and other heart complications.

They will strengthen the heart

If you have a weak heart, this amazing fruit can greatly improve your health.  Soak a handful of dates with seed in water, and leave them overnight at room temperature. The next morning, remove the seeds from the dates before placing the seeds in a blender. Blend them well with water, and eat them a couple of times a day to strengthen the heart.

Dates can lower high blood pressure

Dates have abundance of potassium, and are low in sodium.Moreover, by consuming 5-6 dates, which is the standard serving, you can get about 80 mg of magnesium. According to research, 370 mg of magnesium every day can minimize blood pressure.

Dates protect you against stroke

Dates are very efficient when it comes to regulating the operation of the nervous system, thanks to their richness of potassium. According to studies, consuming 400 mg of potassium can lower the risk of stroke by 40%.

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