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You can get very vital information from the tongue concerning your general health. We get this knowledge of the tongue from Chinese medicine, as they have been involved in the study of the tongue’s health for centuries. They use three key elements to describe the tongue’s health – texture, color, shape.


A healthy tongue normally has a thin white coating on its surface. This is an indication of a healthy digestive system.

Conversely, a thick-coated tongue points to an imbalance that affects the body’s physiology. This condition may be attributed to an injury or illness. Moreover, a thick white coating could be a sign of infection or an indication that some part of the system isn’t performing its function.

There’s also the issue of peeled tongue, which could be a sign of completely exhausted body. It may also indicate autoimmune diseases or allergy.


A healthy person should have a pale pink tongue. If you have a pale tongue, you might be having problems with your digestive organs,  you’re feeling cold, or fatigued. Likewise, a dry tongue could be a sign of anemia and it can result in insomnia, cracked lips, and memory loss.

Red Tongue – If the sides of your tongue are red in color, it is a sign of too much intake of fatty foods, spices, and alcohol. It is common in individuals with irritable bowel syndrome.

Bright red tongue — At the beginning, only the tongue’s tip is red. This eventually spreads to the other parts of the tongue. It is normally a sign of inflammation of the blood.

Blue tongue — This points to cyanosis, insufficient oxygen in the body. This is normally attribute to heart failure, among other factors. You need to seek medical attention as soon as possible if you experience such symptom.

Black tongue — This is usually a birth defect, which is constant. Nonetheless, the tongue can turn black when there’s a lot of bacteria accumulation. In such situation, the tongue first turns yellow, brown, and eventually black color.

Yellow tongue — While it is a rare phenomenon, it could be a sign of jaundice.

Purple tongue — This may occur due to insufficient vitamin B2. It also affects women with heavy menstrual cycles.

Make sure you clean your tongue everyday in the morning before breakfast to maintain its hygiene and health. Stick your tongue out, then scrape its entire surface.


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