Skinception Illuminatural 6i Review – Advanced Skin Lightener Cream

Illuminatural 6i claims to do many of the same things that other skin lightening serums are claim to do. Illuminatural 6i is designed to lessen the appearance of moles, freckles, acne scars, age and sun spots, and more, but how does it compare to the competition, which often does not achieve the desired results?


-Unlike other Skin Bleaching Cream for Acne Scars, Illuminatural does not use harsh chemicals, like bleach, that dry out or burn your face. It also does not scrape away the surface of the skin, which only causes more damage and scarring. Instead it contains vitamins, anti-oxidants, exfoliants, extracts and oils which moisturize, cleanse, soothe, and lighten the skin

– Illuminatural 6i has been formulated with Hydrolite-5 and SymGlucan, which deliver the active ingredients deep into the layers of the skin, where they will be most effective

– Illuminatural has been designed to normalize the production of melanin, which produces the dark pigment in the skin. As melanin levels normalize, dark cells fade away. Lighter cells begin to surface as your skin goes through the natural process of regenerating itself

-The serum contains organic, plant-based sun filters that block harmful UV rays that darken and damage your skin further

Illuminatural 6i “works with” your skin’s natural 28-day regeneration cycle, simply enhancing and stabilizing the process

illuminatural 6i


-Because this product works within the bounds of your natural regeneration cycle (mentioned above), you may not see results until about 4 weeks. This might seem like a little bit of a wait, but it is better not to rush the process and to let your skin renew itself normally. Doing anything other than this will ultimately damage your skin more or simply produce no results at all.


All-in-all, Skin Bleaching Cream for Acne Scars – Illuminatural 6i is definitley worth a try. It seems to be very well designed and tested and possesses what appear to be some very significant advantages over other skin lighteners. You can learn more on official website:

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