What You Need To Know About Testosterone

Testosterone and BodybuildingTestosterone is the ‘king’ of male hormones – it make up our maleness in varying degrees.  Tess produces an anabolic (building up) environment as well as enhancing libido to, in some cases, an overwhelming degree.  This is not as good as it sounds! It also affects mood (‘roid’ rage), deepens the voice , increases bone density, reduces body fat etc.

In bodybuilding testosterone is the starting point for increased muscle mass as long as the correct dietary intake of foods such as protein are adhered to.  Taking tess alone without loading the muscles will not create gains.

Without all the relevant nutrients the body cannot manufacture sufficient tess. Some years ago testosterone supplementation was considered to be a no-no.  However today it is available on prescription if it is found to be required.  Such is the nutrient deficiency in a modern diet that younger & younger males have a raging tess deficiency, leading to all kinds of problems.  By utilising tess supplements, gels, creams, injectables etc, many problems can be overcome & that is good news.

Usuall Mistakes with Testosterone Dosage

Unfortunately many body builders think that if they double or quadruple the normal dose (particularly with injectables) then they will make gains that much faster.

This is folly. Severe hormonal changes can result which affect many internal & external processes.  The most common that people are aware of are ‘roid’ rage, skin, conditions & severe emotional swings. The heart, liver, & kidneys may also be adversely affected. Perhaps not widely known out of body building circles is that males can become feminised inasmuch as they can develop ‘gyne’ or breast tissue.  This is due to an excess of oestrogen being converted in the body, through a process known as aromatisation, whereby testosterone is converted to oestrogen.  This excess tissue can only be removed by surgery. This is bad news.

Hormonal production in the body works via a feedback – loop system.  In other words it shuts off production of hormones when a certain level is reached to keep within required parameters.  When testosterone is introduced into the body from external sources, the internal production of it will be down regulated.  With prolonged use the testicles will begin to shrink as they shut down because they do not need to manufacture testosterone.

Overdose Side Effects

Shrinking testicles may well not be a problem to some people.  However, it becomes a problem when the external supply of tess is stopped.  It can take up to two years for the testicles to produce normal amounts of it.  This is ugly.  The loss of libido can be profound & can have far-reaching affects.  I have seen this in my Naturopathic practice on numerous occasions.

A word here on female body builders using testosterone.  It has the opposite affect to that seen in men, in that it tends to masculise them.   The voice deepens & hair growth accelerates everywhere.  Generally the libido goes off the chart & the clitoris increases in size, dramatically.  This is good, bad, or ugly depending on your point of view.  Obviously, excess tess can also produce the same negative health affects as those experienced by men.

If you are going to use testosterone for bodybuilding it is far better to cycle it – 2 weeks on two weeks off and stick to the recommended dose.  Sure, it will take longer to get the gains you seek, but you will get them & preserve your health & longevity.

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